ASUS X540SA review

When it comes to today’s gadgets the problem is that you have to often times break the bank in order to buy those gadgets because the affordable gadgets are available few and far in between but today we would be speaking about some of the affordable options when it comes to gadget. Affordable however does not mean that the specification would be below par. The laptop which we would be speaking about today is the perfect combination of affordability and good specifications. Today we are reviewing the ASUS X540SA.


  1. High Memory
  2. Latest Windows
  3. Decent Processor
  4. Adequate Storage Space
  5. Affordable
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  1. No graphics card

ASUS X540SA review


High Memory:

When a laptop is given the tag of affordability, you might not associate 4gb of RAM with it but this laptop is not only affordable but has more than enough RAM which ensures that it is easier for you to use the laptop on a day to day basis without any problems.

Latest Windows:

You do not need to worry about updating the windows or any other such work when you are buying this laptop as it comes with the latest windows, that is windows 10 and thus ensuring that it is easier to use and the full potential of the operating system is also harnessed.

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Decent Processor:

If you look into the processor it is a dual core 2.16Ghz which ensures that you are never short on processing power and for all the normal work the processing power would be more than enough.

Adequate Storage Space:

The laptop boasts of a 500GB hard disk which ensures that you are able to easily keep all your files and media within the laptop, without looking for any type of external storage.

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Affordable option:

When you look at all the above virtues you might be thinking that this laptop would be in the price range of above $400 but that is not so because it is priced significantly lower than that and therefore if you are short on budget and are looking for a laptop which is affordable and has good specifications as well, then you must definitely give this laptop a short.

So, if you are looking for a affordable laptop with decent specifications these days then this is one of the best options which you have got when it comes to laptops.

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