Dell i3459-1525BLK Review! All The Info In 1 Place

Made for the working class, Dell has made its mark in developing up to date laptops and computers that help their customers in finishing work in a much faster and easier way. Today, Dell continues to enhance the way people work while at the same time provide them power efficient models that are great for longer hours of usage. Continue reading about the Dell i3459-1525BLK below:

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Dell i3459-1525BLK Review

Dell i3459-1525BLK
The Display:

The Dell i3459-1525BLK is a desktop computer which is great for the whole family, parents can do multitasking and office presentations while the kids can use this for homework and other multimedia purposes. The gigantic display size of this computer is 23.8 inches with an anti-glare feature, IPS technology and Truelife backed with LED technology. Customers would have an easier time using this type of display for it produces clearer and brighter looking videos, photos, texts and games with its Truelife feature, plus the anti-glare feature also makes everything look visible even in a well-lit room. The LED technology aside from providing brighter graphics, it also uses less in power consumption which is perfect for office work. The IPS (In-Plane-Switching) technology helps in making pictures and videos come out the way nature intended them to look.

The Graphics Card:

This desktop PC uses the Intel® HD Graphics 520 to make images, videos and games look smoother. Casual games, streaming HD movies, a little bit of photo editing and browsing images on the web is well managed by this graphic card.

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The Processor:

The Dell i3459-1525BLK desktop PC is installed with the Intel® Core™ i3-6100U processor. This type of processor can clock at speeds of 2.30 GHz at a base frequency and has 2 cores and 4 thread. The Intel® Core™ i3-6100U processor was launched 3rd quarter of 2015 and is still widely used by different laptop and computer companies until now for its multitasking and computing capabilities.

The Audio:

Many would say that desktop and laptop audio should always be accompanied by external speakers to sound better, but that is not the case with the Dell i3459-1525BLK. This desktop PC has the MaxxAudio Pro technology which enables high-performance audio while also providing higher settings that boost the speakers or earphones. Customers would not just get full HD imaging but also quality audio performance.

The RAM/Memory:

The Dell i3459-1525BLK has 8 GB of Ram designated for different tasks. This desktop PC is able to help in browsing the web, playing full HD files, basic editing, running different tasks and retrieving files efficiently and way faster.

The Hard Drive:

Customers would have the ability to save a huge amount of different files with the help of the 500 GB of hard drive space provided in this model. 500 GB of space would let customers save thousands of documents, music and hundreds of photos, applications, etc. this truly is one of the helpful bits of this Dell PC.

The Operating System:

Windows 10 OS is preinstalled in this computer. It is very user-friendly, which is a great choice for first-timers. And, it is actually appreciated by many for its easy to use features and for its ability to help gamers interact and connect with other gamers who use Windows devices and Xbox One. Also, Windows has developed a feature that secures and protects consumers from phishing attacks, malware and different kinds of viruses.


The Dell i3459-1525BLK desktop PC is capable of using Wi-Fi connections for a more clutter-free way of internet connectivity, the use of Ethernet cable is also made available so that customers who are used to faster internet speeds can still manage to do so. There are 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0 port made available in order to connect a mouse, smaller devices like phones and tablets for sharing of files as well as charging them. Bluetooth 4.0 is also available for faster wireless transfer of files. Lastly, an HDMI port is included for those customers who tend to use extended monitors for work and entertainment purposes.


The Dell i3459-1525BLK desktop PC is a would be favorite for those who are still looking for a computer for the whole family, for this model brings useful and powerful features to the table that would help finish tasks efficiently and faster. The Truelife, anti-glare, IPS technology, LED technology partnered with the Intel® HD Graphics 520 makes all the photos, full HD videos and games come to life, looking clearer and brighter than the rest. This desktop PC also has the Intel® Core™ i3-6100U for greater speeds in running tasks and computing plus the secured and easy to use operating system. The 8 GB of RAM which adds to the speed in retrieving files and loading speed of games is another factor to consider. The MaxxAudio Pro technology which greatly affects the audio in a very positive way and the very noticeable 23.8 inches full HD screen which scores a lot of points when it comes to viewing not just texts but also photos and full HD videos that make this desktop PC a worthy investment.

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