MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 Brilliance or Not?


Gaming laptops are made powerful through the use of versatile technologies and features that would then be tied together to provide an extremely awesome gaming experience. That is why when it comes to gaming, it is safe to say that MSI is truly one of the best and durable laptops that can withstand even the highest settings in a game while maintaining greatness in speed and graphic details.

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MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 Review

MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-006
The Display:

The MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 gaming laptop utilizes its 14 inches full HD nonreflection type of display in providing great looking images, movies, and graphics when it comes to gaming. The pictures would appear very detailed, crisp and bright for a more enjoyable multimedia experience. This MSI gaming laptop is also VR ready for a more up-close and interactive way of gaming, just wear the VR head gear and you are set to venture life-like surroundings like mountain tops, roller coaster rides and steep bridges. The IPS panel technology is also made available to improve the visuals even more by making the images look more realistic.

True Color Technology:

For a precise calibration that delivers vibrant images and sharper details, the MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 gaming laptop also added True Color Technology.

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The Processor:

This gaming laptop is installed with the efficient and powerful Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ processor. The Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ was launched in 2015 and it features 4 cores and 8 threads. This speedy processor can clock at speeds of 2.60 GHz and can go up to 3.50 GHz in its maximum turbo frequency. Computing, running games at very high settings and doing photos and video editing is accomplished with relative ease thanks to this powerful processor. Thanks to this processor, data processing is faster and there is an improvement on the batteries life as well.

The Graphics Card:

Loading and running the latest high definition games wouldn’t be possible if not for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card that is installed in this gaming laptop. The GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card is VR ready for those interactive games and applications plus it truly brings out the vibrant and life-like images that are intended for high-resolution gaming. This graphics card pushes the boundaries to a different level while maintaining brilliant performance that exceeds the gamers’ expectations.


The MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 gaming laptop boasts 16 GB of RAM which is more than enough in providing the utmost speed needed for boot ups, loading games and retrieving of saved files. The 16 GB of RAM basically helps in improving speedy response to whatever task the customer is performing.

The Hard Drive:

Having 500 GB of space can be used to save so many different files, imagine doubling it and adding 128 GB more, now that’s a whole lot of space for anyone. This gaming laptop has 1 TB plus 128 GB of hard drive space which is more than enough for saving HD movies, games, photos and even office/school documents.

The Operating System:

A gaming laptop should be powerful in each of its components, which is why MSI installed a well-developed and very popular Windows 10 OS. The popularity of this operating system mainly comes from its user-friendly approach that different generations are already familiar with. The Windows 10 OS can be used by gamers to connect with other gaming enthusiasts for a more challenging way of gaming while at the same time making new friends in the process, they just need a Windows 10 device or Xbox One and they are all good to go. Security is prioritized by Windows through their enhanced security features which protect customers from threats like malware, viruses, and phishing.

The Connectivity:

The MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 is Wi-Fi capable for a wireless type of internet connectivity and it also supports USB 3.1 which supports 400 Gbps data transfer speeds and charging of small devices.

The Keyboard:

It wouldn’t be an MSI gaming laptop without the red backlit keyboard which is helpful in finding the right keys to hit especially in gaming situations.

The Cooling system:

This gaming laptop is ready to beat the heat, introducing the Cooler Boost Trinity. The Cooler Boost Trinity has 5 heat pipes which ensure great performance even in extreme gaming. This cooling system also takes care of the CPU and GPU, the only difference is that the GPU has 2 fans that help reduce the heat it may encounter.

The Audio:

The Nahimic 2 virtual surround sound technology offers a virtual 7.1 surround audio in HD. This type of audio technology is great to have because it not just reduces noise but it also highlights the crucial parts of a game.


The MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 gaming laptop is built with power for each component in mind. The 14 inch full HD VR ready display would take gaming and watching videos to a different level when it comes to clarity, realistic images, and interactive approach. The visuals can be improved even more with the help of the GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. The Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ processor is another great addition to this model for it can handle even the most difficult tasks that programs and games encounter on a daily basis like memory demanding games, video editing, computing and other multimedia tasks. The 16 GB of RAM is another factor that would be crucial in adding speed to each program and game. The 1 TB plus the 128 GB of space for saving thousands of different file types and the truly easy to use and manage Windows 10 OS which has enhanced security should also be considered when deciding on a future purchase like this one. Overall, the MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-006 is a monster of a laptop, it easily runs games in high settings and can finish office/school tasks without any other worries.

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